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About DC Express

Our Mission

DC Express is dedicated to providing the highest level of transportation services. We achieve success by applying outstanding personal diligence and professional expertise to every job we perform to ensure customer satisfaction. We are aware that good service sells itself so we set the bar higher with every job we engage in.

Company History

DC Express was founded in 1976 by Barbara and Andy Altenburg. Our first office was established in Parsippany, NJ and our corporate headquarters is now located in Dover, NJ. In 2000, Barbara and Andy retired and Gene Altenburg took over as CEO.
Over the years, DC Express has opened many offices in the Tri-State area to better service our clients. We have grown from a messenger delivery company to a multi-divisional full service transportation, logistics and distibution courier company. Same day delivery is our specialty.
We started with one old weather-beaten car and have since expanded our fleet to include numerous vehicles including vans and trucks of all sizes. DC Express is proud to acknowledge that 39 years ago we were a "Mom and Pop" small business. We are even more proud to say that we are still a Certified Small Business, but have employed hundreds over the years and that our reputation for impeccable service is second to none.
During the 1990's, we began consolidating some of our satellite offiices under one roof in order to provide more efficient service and stream line operations to our diversified client base. Our NJ logistics headquarters has over 250,000 square feet of warehouse space and is home to most of our vehicle fleet. From this central location, we provide 24/7 service 365 days a year in which you will always speak to a live service representative and never an answering machine. Our facility is TSA approved and we maintain the high security procedure mandated by the Department of Homeland Security.
As we enter our fourth decade of business, we will continue to analyze and improve the many courier logistics and transportation services we provide to our valued clients. One of the keys to a successful business relationship is to listen and carefully understand what our clients and potential customers need. We have demonstrated that through experience, dedication, professionalism and perseverence, we can get any job done. That is why we live and operate by our motto: Anything. Anywhere. Anytime.
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