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From same day expedited courier services to updating your passport, DC Express can help. It is our goal to make the logistics of your business as quick and simple as possible. Our motto is: Anything. Anywhere. Anytime. and we stand by that. We can ship what ever you want, where ever you want, when you want. When you call, you will always talk to a knowledgable dispatcher, never an answering machine.
DC Express Same Day Rush Delivery
DC Express Rush Trucking
DC Express Consulate Visa Service

Direct Courier Services

Within an hour of the time you call, we will have a courier driver sent out to your pickup destination. From there, you can have your envelope or package shipped locally or nationwide. You may also feel free to have deliveries scheduled for the future.

Rush Trucking Services

We offer non-consolidated priority trucking - both local and long distance. We have a secure staging area for the fulfillment of your product.
We will provide you with a company owned truck and a uniformed driver to be utilized exclusively by your firm on a daily basis for all your trucking needs.
Give us a call to get started 800-631-8171.

Consulate Services

We are approved and registered for passport applications at the Passport Agency. After establishing your requirements, we will send you the necessary applications and documents. We will pickup from your location, route as required, and return to you with all completed documentation.
We also can assist you in obtaining a visa and authenticating documents to be sent overseas!
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